Bridal Skincare Consultation

If you have been following our Bridal Skincare Competition, you will know that Lilian Gleeson was picked as our winner and Mediskin Bride as voted by you on April 6th. This week she visited the clinic for her initial consultation with our wonderful therapist Evelyn. If you are curious about what happens during a bridal skincare consultation read on….

What is a bridal skincare consultation?

During a bridal skincare consultation at Mediskin we will first ask you to fill out a consultation form. On this form we will ask you about your current skincare regime, your lifestyle choices, your diet, any medication you may be on etc. This allows the therapist to gain a fully formed insight into any skin conditions the client may have and how they might be able to help them address these.

The therapist will then have a casual chat with the client about what they hope to get from their visit to the clinic and any skin concerns they wish to treat. She will then thoroughly cleanse your skin and closely examine it. Once this is complete, the therapist can then draw up a bridal skincare regime including products you can use for your at home skincare, a treatment plan and some dietary advice for the client. We will provide you with samples of any products recommended and prices for treatments. You are under no obligation to book in for any further appointments or buy any products. At Mediskin, we just want to provide you with the necessary information and let you make the decisions about where to proceed from there.

How much does the bridal skincare consultation cost?

This service costs only €20 which is completely redeemable against products in the clinic.  Our clinic has an open, friendly and professional atmosphere. We never want anyone to leave feeling they were pressurised into a treatment or purchase that they weren’t certain of. If you need time to think about committing to the treatment plan, that is perfectly fine!

How long before the wedding do I need to begin a bridal skincare regime?

We would recommend coming to visit us for your bridal skincare consultation at least six months before your Wedding Day. This will give us the opitmal time to treat and assess your skin. However in truth, it is never too early or too late to begin your journey towards healthy skin. Once the therapist has a timeframe to work with, she will advice you on the best route to take. We have successfully treated ALL skin types in our clinic, so do not worry, you are in safe hands!

What did Lilian have to say about her bridal skincare consultation?

‘Having won the competition for free bridal skincare with Mediskin, I had my first of many consultations today. I was met with lovely friendly faces all round. I had the pleasure of dealing with Evelyn who went through my skin care routine and any skin issues I had. I chatted comfortably to her. She then cleansed my skin with some fab products, examined my skin and then choose some amazing products and treatments for me over the next few weeks. I came away feeling fantastic with a big bag of goodies to use. Thanks again to Mediskin & everyone who voted for me.

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