Cleansing – Are you doing it right?

For the lazy ones amongst us or the skincare novices, the first step to any successful skincare regime is cleansing. Correctly cleansing your skin morning and evening is absolutely ESSENTIAL! So in order to begin our series ‘Skincare Basics’, we thought we should make sure we are getting the first step right.

A good cleansing routine is the foundation of good skin health and preventing skin disease and damage.

From the wonderful ‘The Skincare Bible’ by Dr. Anjali Mahto, here are:

The Five Rules of Cleansing

  1. Cleanse your face both morning and night. The evening cleanse is particularly important to remove make-up, sun-screen and particles of pollution we have come into contact with during the day. Failing to do this can result in break outs, blemishes and potentially even premature skin ageing.
  2. Face wipes are always a no-no unless you’re using them as a last resort at the gym or on the go. This is because they can cause skin irritation, and mainly just smear dirt, make-up and oils across the skin’s surface – you don’t end up with a thorough cleanse.
  3. If using water, the temperatute should always be lukewarm. Avoid using very hot or cold water – cold water is less effective at removing oils from the skin and hot water can leave the skin dry and irritated.
  4. Never, ever apply a cleansing product directly to dry skin. It can lead to sensitivity.
  5. Always use a towel to pat the face dry. Do not vigorously rub the skin as you dry as this can lead to unnecessary irritation.

Cleansing – What should I be using?

At Mediskin, we recommend chosing a cleanser to suit your skin type. It should treat your main skin concern whilst still nourishing the skin and obviously clean it!

Book in with us in the clinic for a skin consultation. We can tailor a bespoke skincare regime and treatment plan specifically for you and your skin’s condition.

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