No two clients are the same. Our Highly trained therapists will advise you on which treatments will give you the best results possible.
There is no ‘Hard Sell’ just ‘Hard Facts’.

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What will be discussed during the Consultation?

You will then be brought into a treatment room by one of our highly trained therapists. She will assess your skin, ask you some questions and give both product and treatment recommendations. It is an informal chat and there is no reason for you to feel nervous or apprehensive.

Your skin concerns

We will discuss what you would like to achieve and set realistic goals and expectations.


We will discuss how your dietary choices can trigger your skin problems and how to identify them.

Cosmeceutical skincare

We will recommend a new routine of active products that will make changes in your skin at a cellular level.


We recommend supplements that boost your topical treatments and ensure the best possible results.

Our therapists will tailor a treatment programme specifically for you. We use the consultation time to patch test you for certain treatments and ensure you are suitable for them.

We’re right for you

Our Discretionary Policy

Our consultations are 100% private and confidential to provide you with the best care and answers to your difficult questions.

Search Treatments By Skin Concern

We treat a wide range of skin problems for a varied cliental. search our skin concern finder to see how we can help you.

Young People Treatments

Skin conditions affecting young people can be a cause of significant emotional distress. Our therapists are experienced with treating younger patients and ensure that they are treated carefully and correctly. Book a skin consultation below.

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