DIY Home Treatments

Even though we are closed for a week here at Mediskin, there’s no need to miss out on some much needed skin pampering. We stock a range of homecare products to bring the results of your clinic treatments home with you! Use our discount code Reno15 to avail of further savings on these fab products.


Get the most out of your favourite cleanser by massaging and removing it with a Cleanse Off Mitt from The Skin Nerd. These soft mitts help to work all make up and oily residue off the skin without dragging or scrubbing the skin. This gives you a clean base for your masks and serums to be applied.

Want to make cleansing even easier? Try our Clarisonic Smart Profile that removes make up 11 times better than hands alone…. sounds like a winner to me! Perfect for that deep clean 2-3 times a week, this brush is designed to remove skin damaging pollution.


Masks are a simple and easy way to upgrade your homecare routine and prolong the results of your in clinic treatments.

Image Skincare have recently relaunched their most beloved Hydrogel sheet masks with added skin loving ingredients, choose from Anti- ageing or Hydrating and pop them on freshly cleansed skin for half an hour before bed and wake up the next morning with freshly hydrated, glowing skin!

They have also introduced two new masks: Purifying Probiotic Mask, a yoghurt based probiotic that detoxifies the skin and decongests pores; and Firming Transformational Mask, invigorates dull skin and improves the look of texture tightness and tone.

In need of a deep cleanse? Environ’s Clarity Sebu-Clear Masque is like a mini peel in a jar, enriched with salicylic acid, this mask will banish breakouts and refine skin texture for a brighter, clearer appearance. Or try Environ’s Youth Revival Mask for the ultimate “Facelift in a Jar”. Or maybe it’s more hydration that you need? Try Environ’s Moisture Hydrating Oil Capsules to give a concentrated burst of vitamin enriched hydration to your skin.

How about an exfoliation that removes dead skin cell build? Then look no further! GloTherapeutic’s Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub will stimulate cell regeneration without stress or irritation to the skin.

Catch up on your beauty sleep by going to bed in an overnight mask. Choose from Image Ageless or Vital C Overnight Masks. The Ageless overnight mask contains a potent and powerful retinol blend which firms and plumps skin while locking in moisture and essential nutrients, wake up with visibly firmer and more plump, wrinkle free skin. Vital C Overnight Mask,  focuses on giving skin a surge of hydration while soothing dryness, leaving the skin looking smoother and brighter come morning time.

Need something for your eyes after the long weekend? Try our BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Mask Treatment. The treatment reduces puffiness and the appearance of tiredness while restoring tone and firmness to the eye area. For optimum results, use alongside BIOEFFECT EGF Eye Serum.

The Ultimate Treatment

For the ultimate treat and boost for your skin before an event or wedding, you need BIOEFFECT’s 30 Day Treatment. It’s now or never with this product. One of BIOEFFECT’s bestsellers, it’s increased potency means more profound results making this unparalleled in skin care repair. It does it all by maximising hydration, tone and radiance while minimizing wrinkles, pore size and redness <3

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