Genosys Skin Needling

Here at Mediskin we are constantly training and up-skilling in order to bring our clients the latest and most results based treatments. The newest treatment added to our menu is Genosys Micro needling, a sophisticated and dynamic needling system that can be delivered through two different methods to achieve results specific and tailored to each individual client.

Why try Skin Needling?

Skin Needling is a method skin rejuvenation that triggers the skins natural ability to produce collagen, this can be helpful in treating a range of skin concerns to include, ageing, scarring and loss of definition. Skin needling works by using tiny needles to cause minor trauma to the skin, encouraging the body to produce more collagen as a response to the trauma. The needles also create micro channels in the skin which are tiny pathways to allow enhanced product penetration and absorption. All in all this results in refreshed, firmer and more smooth skin, pigmentation and redness are also diffused.

The Genosys Way of Needling

Genosys use two needling devices to deliver results depending on which one your therapist thinks will get your desired results,  a dermafix pen or dermafix roller.  The pen moves needles in and out of the skin at a rapid rate to create a controlled trauma and some pin prick bleeding. The depth and rate of movement can be tailored to each client. Ideal for clients who want less downtime post treatments or to target smaller, more isolated areas such as old scars or lines around the eyes or lips.  The roller contains 450,000 needles that are rolled across the skin to create a slightly deeper trauma that will result ion a little bit more downtime, very beneficial to thickened skin or larger area of imperfection. A serum specific to your needs is used under the needles to give more slip and feed the skin with ingredients crucial to achieving the desired outcome.

Epidermal vs Dermal

Skin needling can be used to treat both the epidermis and dermis. As a quick refresher the epidermis are the superficial layers of skin more visible to the eye. These layers of skin are less receptive to internal processes within the body so require topical treatments and products in order to improve their appearance. The dermis is below the epidermis and is the site of active skin regeneration, containing collagen and elastin fibres, sebaceous glands and much more which determine the quality of our future skin.

Meso-needling is the term for epidermal needling. Needles penetrate the skin at a superficial depth to infuse skin with a cocktail of ingredients to produce desired results. Meso requires no numbing and gives instant results with minimal appearance of erythema or downtime. It is the ideal treatment to induct clients into the concept of micro-needling, or for brides who may not have a lot of downtime in the lead up to their wedding, you can also discuss with your therapist how to incorporate meso- needling into your current treatment plan as an add on to peels or led treatments. The dermafix device is ideal as it can be adjusted to the required depths and settings.

Dermal needling is more invasive and involves a deeper depth of penetration to get more of a bleed which results in more collagen production. This is ideal for clients with very targeted and specific skin concerns and are prepared for the downtime involved. Dermal needling works really well  on deep lines and wrinkles, accelarated ageing or elastosis and stubborn residual acne scarring.

Thinking of doing a course of needling?

A consultation prior to needling is important. A therapist will assess your skin and discuss the process with you to figure out the best plan of treatment for you. The amount of sessions necessary and the delivery system vary from client to client so your therapist will tailor the process to you. An accompanying home-care routine will also be drawn up for you including all the necessary products to optimise results. Prior to needling it may be necessary to spend a few weeks prepping your skin so your therapist can advise as best.

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