Home roller devices explained

Home needling devices. You may have seen them all over social media and even in your local chemist. They might seem like a new, slightly scary concept, but the science behind rolling at home has been around for years! What most people do not realise however is that these needling devices do virtually nothing if you are not also using cosmeceutical products with it.

So what do home rollers do?

Your roller will have a number of tiny needles ranging in depth from .1 to .5 mm. They are designed to be gently rolled across your skin before the application of active ingredients such as vitamin A (Retinols), stem cells, peptides etc. The needles create micro-channels on the skins surface and allows deeper penetration of these ingredients.

Do I need to roll?

If you are using vitamin then yes you do need to roll. If not, don’t. Skins used to vitamin A will be thicker, stronger and denser therefore will need the micro channels caused by the roller to still allow deep penetration of product. The devices should not be used if you are using generic cosmetic products, despite what the packaging may tell you!

How often?

This depends on how deep the needles in your roller are. At Mediskin we advise little and often. If you want to get the most out of your nightly skincare routine you should roll every evening before bed. For this reason we recommend the Environ Roll CIT as the needle depth is .1mm and in our opinion is all you need for the job to get done. Using a deeper needle depth may result in soreness and skin shedding which means you wont be able to roll as frequently. A deeper depth needle does not mean better results. The roller itself cannot stimulate collagen or elastin or anything else for that matter. It is the products you apply afterwards that do.

So what products do I use with my roller?

An optimum skincare routine should consist of: vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, peptides. This is adjustable depending on an individuals skin. In order to maximise results all stimulating serums and creams should be applied in the evening. I recommend using a stem cell serum and/or a vitamin A product. I wouldn’t necessarily apply aha’s such as glycolic acid as this may cause more exfoliation of the skin than we want. Personal favourites include the MAX Stem Cell Serum from Image Skincare and Environs Skin Essentia AVST Moisturiser. 

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