How to prepare for Laser Hair Removal

So you’ve finally done it. You’ve taken the plunge and booked the appointment for laser hair removal. Yay! But what now? Read on to find out how to best prepare yourself for your appointment and every appointment that follows to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Should I shave?

For your consultation it is not fully necessary to have the areas shaved before coming in. We will only patch test a small area and we can assess your hair and skin before trimming a small patch for treatment.

For each actual laser appointment it is best to prep the area being treated the night before. By prepping I mean shaving the hair thoroughly. This allows the laser to target the hair follicle better and reduce irritation. If you shave the morning of your appointment I find this is usually a rushed job and results in hairs being missed or the skin becomes irritated from not taking your time.

It is very important to shave very thoroughly. If a few stray hairs are missed we may be able to trim these for you, however this is at the therapists discretion. Loose hairs are a danger to the laser machine and if there is too much hair your appointment will be rescheduled for when you are better prepped. This does not apply to facial hair as we will usually trim these hairs for you.

If doing bikini laser you may be unsure of how much hair to remove. Our advice is to remove all the hair you definitely want gone.

Other hair removal methods

It is important that you have not waxed, plucked or epilated the area for about 3-4 weeks beforehand. If you have it may still be possible to patch test but you will need to wait a while before starting your actual treatments. It is always best to leave a few days growth for your therapist to assess your suitability.

No UV exposure!

We cannot treat you if you have been in the sun within 2 weeks of your consultation or if you are going to be. We will need you to wait at least 2 weeks from the date you arrive back. This is irrelevant of whether you actively sunbathe or not.


We will also not treat you unless you apply a broad spectrum SPF to the area being treated everyday. This is to reduce the risk

Fake Tan?

If false tan has been applied on or near the area within 2 weeks again we will need to wait. DHA is a very active agent and it stains the skin. Exfoliation on its own is not enough to safely remove tan and some tans will still leave a residue on the skin up to 3-4 weeks after application! Your skin will be wiped with an antiseptic wipe and if any transfer is present we will send you home. There is no negotiation on this as it is too dangerous to treat.


If you have used sunbeds within the last 2 months we can not treat you due to the much stronger UV exposure. You cannot use sunbeds while under laser treatments. If you wish to use sunbeds your laser appointments will be cancelled until the necessary time has passed and its safe to continue.


If you are under medical supervision please bring a list of all medication with you. Some medications cause photo sensitivity and we need to keep a record to ensure your safety. Always notify us of any changes however small it may seem.

Our Laser Hair Removal consultations are free although we do require a €20 booking fee. This is either refunded or redeemed towards a treatments or course. If you arrive for your appointment with any of the following: fake tan or sun exposure within the last 2 weeks, hair not shaved (except in the case of facial hair) or if you are doing sunbeds we will turn you away and you could lose your booking deposit and/or course treatment.

So now you know what you have to do, all that’s left is to book!

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