Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusions

Where do I start?

I first worked with Intraceuticals five years ago while living in Australia, (this is where the brand originates) and I was hooked on the results immediately!! We all want glowing, plump, hydrating looking skin all year round and this treatment gives you just that. It is completely non invasive, with no pain and no down time. You can receive Intraceuticals treatments at any time of the year, with no risk of photo sensitivity.Your skin instantly looks more hydrated and feels like a sponge soaked in moisture.

How do Intraceuticals Infusions work?

OK, here comes the science;The Intraceuticals skin infusion uses oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to force active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. These active ingredients (hylauronic acid, green tea, aloe vera and vitamins A, C, E) then help to re-hydrate the skin, plump and soften fine dehydration lines on the surface. They also actively work to firm and tighten the skin. 

Hylauronic Acid is our skins own natural moisturising factor, it is responsible for the volume we have in our skin, unfortunately as we age our levels of hylauronic start to deplete and the dreaded aging process begins.

Intraceuticals at Home

Infusing hylauronic back into the deeper layers, helps to create a reservoir in the skin which is then topped up daily using the hylauronic products at home, morning and evening. Intraceuticals call this their 3 step Hylauronic Layering Process. Your first step is The Daily serum; this serum dramatically transforms the way your skin looks and feels. It hydrates and delivers the all important anti-ageing ingredients. The next step is The Hydration Gel; this gel instantly hydrates, providing a reservoir of anti-ageing nutrients to the skin which visibly addresses the signs of premature ageing. It works synergistically with daily serum, dramatically enhancing your skin’s appearance.  The third and final step is The Moisture Binding Cream; This smoothes the skin, combats surface dehydration, with Hyaluronic Polymer and environmental defenders it protects your skin from free radical attack.  Hylauroinic acid has the ability to hold up to a 1000 times its own weight in moisture and can draw moisture from the surrounding environment.

How much will an Intraceuticals treatment cost? How many treatments will I need?

The recommended course of treatment for best results are 6 treatments, delivery weekly. During this time the home care products are used twice daily.Treatments are then resumed monthly to maintain the benefits.The course option is €850, and this includes your vital supply of home care (a value of €300).Individual treatments are priced at €150 and are an amazing introduction to this unique skincare system. There are a variety of different treatments within the range so if hydration is not your main concern (and it should be) we do have some other options. I received a treatment for my birthday last week and my results were visible immediately after. A week later, my skin still looks and feels great.

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