Mineral Makeup vs Cosmetic Makeup

If you know us at all here in Mediskin, you know we never stop talking about the benefits of mineral makeup vs cosmetic makeup. We stock 3 separate makeup brands, Jane Iredale, Glo-Minerals and Image I Conceal Foundation. This is to ensure that you find the perfect foundation that’s just right for your skin type/condition.

What is the difference between Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Makeup?

So what is the difference between what we stock in the clinic compared to the endless supply of foundations and products that are widely available to the masses? Unlike cosmetics, which sink into pores and allow for bacteria to grow, mineral makeup sits on top of skin. This allows your skin to function normally and without clogging pores.

Technically, most makeup is “mineral” makeup as it contains many of the same elements as mineral-based formulas. The differences lie in the ingredients that the mineral foundations leave out. Because mineral makeup doesn’t include mineral oil, parabens, talc or other harsh chemicals, they’re ideal for sensitive or breakout-prone skin types that often become irritated with heavier formulas.

If you are unsure about whether a makeup is truly a mineral makeup, pay close attention to the ingredient list on the back of the product. True mineral foundations should include iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxides so look out for these.

Mineral Makeup and your Skincare Regime

For makeup lovers we understand that transitioning from your favorite foundations is tough, but if you are conscious of congestion, breakout prone or suffer with acne then it is one of the best decisions you could make. Remember: Mineral makeup is an extension of your skincare. In breakout prone skin this is especially true as you are more likely to wear heavy, full coverage foundations that do camouflage your skin problems, but are also just feeding bacteria and preventing your skin from functioning. Also, you will just be going around in circles and never actually maintaining a clear, healthy complexion.

As a general rule of thumb, anything that goes on the skin should be mineral. I recommend that not only should your foundation be mineral, but also your concealer, blush, bronzer and contour products. Personally I tend to suffer with tiny little blackheads along my lip line, therefore I also need to ensure my lip balms/lipsticks etc are mineral based in order to prevent this from happening.

Need Advice on which Mineral Makeup suits you?

Did you know that you can book in for a customized consultation to get shade matched and to check out our different foundation types? We are also providing professional makeup applications! Orla Caitríona are our in-house makeup artists and would love to see you for your big event.

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