Preventing oily skin on holidays!

Maintaining my workout routine has been really tough since leaving home for my holidays. Since arriving in Australia I’ve basically eaten out three times a day and I’m having a glass of vino with dinner most nights which I would never normally do. I’ve definitely noticed my skin is looking a little dull and I have a few blemishes popping up. I’m doing my best to get a workout in when I can and drinking lots and lots of water. Clients often comment on my skin and how clear it looks and I always put it down to my clean diet and lifestyle.I can certainly see in the last two weeks how much even a small amount of alcohol and a change in my diet can affect the clarity of your skin.

Usually when I go into warmer climates my skin tends to break out easily. Here are my tips for reducing oily skin on holidays:

  • Exercise regularly to detox the skin
  • Eat fish once a day for healthy omegas
  • Eat raw, natural, unprocessed foods with no added sugar
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day
  • Wear oil free moisturisers and oil free spfs, image skincare S matte spf32 is my favourite
  • Cleanse your skin 2-3 times daily to remove excess oil stimulated by the heat
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep

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