Skin Accumax – For Breakouts, Congestion and Acne

Skin Accumax from Advanced Nutrition is a supplement containing a ground-breaking ingredient DIM (a patented, highly active plant compound sourced from broccoli). These supplements are for people who suffer with acne, hormonal breakouts and excessive oil production. Containing a synergistic combination of skin-loving vitamins A,C and E and phytonutrients, and free from dairy, gluten, artificial flavouring and artificial colouring.

Unlike other acne fighting medication such as RoAccutane, Accumax does not dry out the skin. Completely free from harsh chemicals and drugs and using only the highest quality natural ingredients it is gentle on both skin and body.There are many causes of acne and inflammation; excess sebum, hyper keratinisation, hormonal imbalance, bacteria on the skin, dietary intolerances and internal toxins. Skin Accumax can target all of these, resulting in a clear, fresh complexion.

It is recommended to take Accumax daily for at least 14 weeks. Depending on the severity of acne up to 8 capsules can be taken each day.

When using Accumax it is still important to have a good skincare regime. Products containing oil fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid are recommended. Avoid anything which contains mineral oil, lanolin and talc as these lead to congestion and blocked pores. Cutting out dairy products has been proven to significantly reduce acne breakouts, as well as sugar and processed foods.

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