Skin Consultations – What do they involve?

At Mediskin we pride ourselves on providing 100% free skin and laser consultations. A consultation gives us a chance to see all our clients one-to-one before any treatments, giving you the opportunity to discuss your individual needs and make an informed decision.

Whether you are interested in laser hair removal, skin treatments or just want advice on professional homecare products, a consultation is always the first port of call.

Consultation Form

Your appointment will begin with filling out a detailed form. We will need to know things like your medical history and any allergies you may have, as well as lifestyle habits that may have an impact on your treatment and/or results.

What happens during a Consultation?

You will then be brought into a treatment room by one of our highly trained therapists. She will assess your skin, ask you some questions and give recommendations. It is an informal chat and there is no reason for you to feel nervous or apprehensive. Our therapists are experts at what they do.

We are a unique clinic that treats skin concerns with a whole body approach. We will chat to you about nutrition, stress management, prescribe cosmeceutical skincare and draw up a treatment plan just for you.

You are under no obligation to purchase anything at a consultation. We just want to pass on to you all the information and knowledge we can and give you the time to make a decision on how you would like to proceed.

What will be discussed during the Consultation?

Some of the points that will be discussed in a skin consultation include:

  • Your skin concerns. We will discuss what you would like to achieve and set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Nutrition. We will discuss how your dietary choices can trigger your skin problems and how to identify them.
  • Cosmeceutical skincare. We will recommend a new routine of active products that will make changes in your skin at a cellular level. You will be given samples where possible and instructions on how and when to use everything.
  • Supplements. We recommend supplements that boost your topical treatments and ensure the best possible results. We will advise you on the best ones to take and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.
  • Treatments plan. We offer a wide range of treatments from Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, ipl rejuvenation, Needling and oxygen infusions. No two clients are the same and you will be advised on which treatments will give you the best results possible. We use the consultation time to patch test you for certain treatments and ensure you are suitable for them.

How long will the consultation last?

Our consultations take approximately 45 minutes. We recommend that you do not wear makeup when coming in so that we can accurately assess your skins condition. However, if this is not possible we can remove it for you.

It is also recommended that you bring in any medication that you are taking, or a list of them so that we can ensure they are compatible with treatments/products that we prescribe.

What do I need to prepare for the consultation?

You are welcome to bring any products that you are currently using. We can talk you through them and make our recommendations. You can book your free skin/laser consultation online through our website.

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