Skin Formulas Treatment & Products

Skin Formulas is a clinical skincare brand created by the owner of Mediskin, Geraldine Byrne. The brand is made up of powerful multi-functional products that contain the highest levels of active ingredients. There is also a professional in salon treatment designed to accelerate your results.

The Treatment: Skin Formulas Lactic Peel

This treatment is a mild but effective exfoliation. Lactic acid softens skin cells, heals congestion and stimulates collagen formation. Skin is instantly brighter and fresher. The perfect treatment as an introduction to advanced skin treatments. Effectively treats acne, congestion, anti-ageing and hyper-pigmentation.

To book in for this amazing treatment at Mediskin you can:

  • Call 06764876
  • Email: or book online

Top 3 Skin Formulas Products

  1. Oil and Milk Cleanser – A mild daily cleanser which gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface. Glides onto the skin as a beautiful oil, once emulsified with water it melts to a conditioning milk. Oil-free formula.
  2. Clear – A revolutionary skin treatment with the ability to regulate sebum and lighten acne marks without irritating or drying out the skin’s surface. The prebiotic soothes inflammation and reduces redness within 2 weeks while maintaining a perfectly balanced microbiome and calmed skin. Can be used post laser, waxing and threading.
  3. Hydra – A lightweight, silky, instantly absorbed serum containing multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid, your body’s natural hydrating factor. A three tiered approach not only visibly increases your skin’s hydration levels, but also stimulates your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen for long term results. Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly reduced. Moisture levels are increased. Skin looks softer, healthier and more plump.
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