SPF Choices

We all know we need to wear SPF everyday. But which one is best? And what factor do you need for your skin type?

What is SPF? Sun protection factor refers to the amount of time you can spend in the sun before you burn. Some people believe a higher SPF is better. This is not exactly true. It is more to do with the type of SPF used in your product.

There are two main types of SPF protection; physical and chemical. Physical SPF ingredients include titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Chemical SPF’s include ingredients such as octinoxate and oxybenzone. Sometimes an SPF product will contain a combination of both. But which one should you be using?

A physical SPF works as a shield. It creates a mirror-like protective barrier that reflects harmful UV rays away from the skin. It gets to work immediately which is ideal when exposed to direct sunlight. A chemical SPF absorbs UV rays and converts them into heat which is released from the skin. Usually needs 20 minutes approx to become effective. Although both types are perfectly fine, I would recommend a purely physical SPF to someone with sensitive skin issues.

The MOST important thing to consider when choosing an SPF is to ensure it provides Broad Spectrum Protection. It must be able to protect your skin from UVA (the burning rays), UVA (the cancer causing, premature ageing rays) as well as HEV light (high energy visible light, or ‘blue’ light. Think phone and computer screens).

I hear clients regularly say that there is SPF in their moisturisers and foundations. A cosmetic product may contain UV filters but to get full protection required you would probably need to apply a huge amount of that cosmetic product. We educate our clients on what they should be looking out for when choosing skincare products and ensure they make the right choice.

SPF products that we recommend

  • Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32 – A chemical and physical combo SPF.  Great for all skin types particularly oily and problematic.
  • Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30  – A purely physical SPF. Great for dryer skin types.
  • Brush On Block – One of my favorites for the summer months. Just top up your SPF over your makeup throughout the day.
  • Environ RAD SPF 15 – This one can be applied on top of a daytime moisturiser and is a UV protective powerhouse with high physical and antioxidant SPF combined with low chemical filters, therefore can afford a low factor and minimize irritation.

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