The Alkaline Diet and Treating Rosacea – what can it do for you?

What is Rosacea?

At MEDISKIN we are faced with clients suffering with rosacea every day. Rosacea is a very common vascular skin disorder that mainly afflicts adults between the ages of thirty and fifty–women nearly three times as often as men. It usually occurs over the cheeks and nose and looks like a sunburn. Some people will also get pimples that resemble acne. Rosacea can wax and wane; certain foods or alcohol or exposure to the sun can increase the problem.
Unfortunately, no one is certain precisely what causes rosacea, but studies have shown that it can be triggered due to food allergies and/or an imbalance of the digestive system.

How do we treat Rosacea?

A full body approach is the key to treating rosacea. Roscaea is first and foremost a vascular disorder, so avoiding acid forming foods and keeping your diet as alkaline as possible has been proven to alleviate rosacea symptoms. We recommend our client look at their lifestyle and cut down on stress where they can. Taking up a relaxing exercise such as yoga can promote stress relief and give our clients a good sense of well being.


Taking a probiotic will help your body maintain it’s normal balance of internal flora. Probiotics are available to buy at MEDISKIN for €22. A quarter level teaspoon of our probiotic powder typically contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bi fidus infantis, longum and brevis 16mg. The powder can be sprinkled over food or added to your drink.

At Mediskin we always recommend our clients keep a 3 week food diary. The goal is to determine each clients rosacea triggers by eliminating whole food groups and slowly reintroducing them back into the diet. This way the client knows what their triggers are and can take steps to avoid them.

If you are suffering with rosacea and would like to see how we might be able to help, please book in for a free skin consultation. Call us on 067 64876, email us at or book online.

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