The Importance of SPF for Oily Skin

Applying an SPF in the morning is just as important as putting on your shoes. Every skin type should wear one daily. It will work hard all year round to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Although we don’t always see the sun here in Ireland, it is crucial that we protect our skin as the UVA rays are still present. UVA rays attack the living layer of the skin and penetrate it which can cause premature ageing and wrinkles.

SPF for Oily Skin

My skin is acne-prone and day to day is likely to be oily therefore, my favourite SPF is Prevention+ 32 daily matte moisturizer from Image Skincare. It incorporates micro-sponge technology to absorb surface oils so it leaves my skin matte and shine free. This moisturizer is also paraben and oil free and most importantly contains a high sun protection factor. It is also amazing for reducing redness and inflammation which is quite common when suffering from acne or breakouts. The Image Range of SPFs called Prevention+ can be purchased in the clinic or online.

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