Geraldine Jones · Owner & Senior Therapist

Geraldine Jones is our founder here at Mediskin. With an incredibly impressive career spanning over 18 years in the industry, Geraldine lives and breathes all things skin with an unrivalled passion in delivering first class results for her clients. From working with international brands in Australia to managing a bustling skin clinic in Dublin, Geraldine has had a finger tightly on the pulse of the skincare and beauty industry both here and overseas. 

While innovative medical aesthetics play a central role in Geraldine’s approach, the importance of approaching every concern with holistic techniques is also what guarantees drastic results among Mediskin’s clients. With a wealth of knowledge on how eating clean, regular exercise de-stress techniques can play as much a part in promoting skin health as clinical skin treatments, Geraldine’s approach to helping her clients is not limited to “one size fits all”. All it takes is one conversation with Geraldine to bear witness to the enormous passion she has for her business and the treatments she offers. 

Geraldine’s hard work within the industry has been recognised over the years, with her most recent achievements being her wins at the Network Ireland Tipperary Business Woman of the Year Award 2021 for Power Within Champion award and the Emerging New Business Owner for her own skincare brand, Skin Formulas.



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Geraldine Jones · Owner & Senior Therapist

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