Tips to tackle Adult Acne

Acne is a skin condition which affects women and men alike.

It’s most common during puberty and late teens but can occur at any stage of our lives. And with busier lifestyles and higher stress levels, the number of people affected by adult acne is increasing.

We have many people suffering with adult acne attending the clinic and see every day how debilitating the condition can be. However, do not loose hope! For the majority of those affected, making some simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve this condition.

If your symptoms are persistent, a prescription medication may be required to treat the acne – however I would advise exploring other options before considering this.

So where do we begin with treating acne?

Following the next few steps should set you on your way on clearer, healthier skin.

Cleanse the skin daily with Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid helps to dissolve oil from the pores. Used twice daily, it will help to de-congest sebaceous plugs, reducing inflammation and the amount of bacterial breakouts on the skin which adds significantly to the irritation associated with adult acne.

My favourite salicylic cleansers are Pore Cleanse Gel from Medik8 (€24 ) or Glo Therapeutics Purifying gel cleanser (€28.50).

Exfoliate two-three times a week

Everyday our skin sheds excess dead skin cells – it’s part of the natural rejuvenation process. Oily skin types produce excess oil which, when left on the surface with excess dead skin, can become compacted – leaving the complexion looking quite dull.

It also provides the perfect conditions for harmful bacteria to breed. Exfoliating at least twice a week will get rid of excess dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. As a result, over time you should see a marked reduction in breakouts associated with acne or adult acne.

My favourite exfoliator is my Clarisonic brush cleanser as it can exfoliate and cleanse the skin ten times deeper than manual cleansing. I use this in conjunction with a foaming cleanser.

Eat foods that are more alkaline than acidic

What we eat can have just as huge an impact on our skin as the products we use. We need to nourish our bodies from the inside to see results on the outside i.e. on our skin.

Our bodies function most efficiently when they are in an alkaline state. Acid foods and stress wreak havoc on our skin and how our skins cells function.

If we base our diets on alkaline foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds and raw foods, we will see improvements in our skin, our metabolism, our digestive systems and even in our head space and sleep patterns.

We have a great food table highlighting alkaline vs acidic foods on our blog.

Do some form of Exercise Daily

When we exercise, we stimulate our metabolism and increase our heart rate. We also provide our bodies with oxygen and nutrients that are vital for our cells to function.

Exercise stimulates our sweat glands and the release of toxins from the body – another vital process to maintain alkalinity.

Take a Natural Skin Supplement

This will help you to cope with active breakouts. Prescription medication is always the last port of call for my clients as it is very harsh on the body.

Instead we recommend a skin specific supplement called Accumax , which uses a broccoli extract along with a combination of powerful natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, sebum production and heal skin scarring.

MEDISKIN Skin Consultation – it’s free

At this appointment we can look at your skin’s condition, your current skincare regime and diet. We will then make recommendations of some products and treatments which may help. We will give you some samples to try and send you away with information to consider. You are under no obligation to book in for any treatments or purchase any products. We are here to help!

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